Current Trends



  1. Experiencing the Faithfulness of God
  2. A New Trend in Giving
  3. Still Sharing the 4 Spiritual Laws
  4. The Mission of the Word
  5. God's Kingdom in the Nations
  6. God's Mission to Youths Today
  7. The Meaning of Business
  8. Un-compromising the message of the cross
  9. When Feelings Let us Down
  10. The Path to Reconciliation
  11. The Great Commission in Stereo
  12. The Art of Self-Matchmaking
  13. Looking Forward to Heaven
  14. Christian and Midlife Crisis
  15. Free but not Cheap
  16. Lessons from a National Crisis
  17. What is Work to You?
  18. Tell Me the Truth! Really?
  19. "Money Can't Buy Happiness!"
  20. A Lesson from SARS
  21. When Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Technology
  22. Is That Walking by the Spirit?
  23. Seek Ye First "All These Things"
  24. When Feelings Matter in Christian Discipleship



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