Real Stories

In the Campus ...

  1. God Knows Better
  2. The Tears of Sumati
  3. Saved by a Booklet
  4. I'm a newbie--in campus, in Christ
  5. Encountering God in a foreign land
  6. Can't wait to share the Gospel
  7. Igniting sparks
  8. Divine providence
  9. Sowing the seed in Langkap
  10. From thesis to truth
  11. Love made her brave
  12. Cupid camp in Port Dickson
  13. Movies and card-writing
  14. Mission trip to Kapit
  15. The draw of survivor camps

Beyond the Campus ...

  1. He Gave Me a Kidney
  2. Beyond Writing Cheques
  3. "Madam, I'm dying! Can you help?"
  4. Resurrection of a Living Dead
  5. Awakening of a Sleeping Child
  6. You Give and Take Away
  7. True Love Waits
  8. My life a gift for you
  9. A meeting of like minds
  10. A visible expression of God's love
  11. Shining for the Lord
  12. A gathering under the half moon
  13. Footloose and fancy-free
  14. Breathing new life into marriages
  15. Vision-imparting in Penang
  16. To be like Christ
  17. Busy, busy, busy
  18. 'Rambo' turns to God
  19. An inspiring role model!
  20. You can make an impact in your office
  21. Unexpected visitors
  22. Parenting talk during working hours

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