God Knows Better

When I started the disciple-making ministry in a private university in Kuala Lumpur a few months ago, I needed a group of committed Christians to be part of the movement in the campus. As soon as they committed themselves to make disciples in their campus, I would journey alongside them to mentor and to train them. So I worked on a few names of the students whom I knew were Christians and one of them was Samuel, and in the end, I met with everyone on the list but Samuel.


My Doubt and Dilemma

Samuel is no stranger to me. He's the son of my colleague. Being the son of a pastor myself, I understand the stress and expectations that come with being a fulltime worker's son or daughter, and I preferred to have minimal involvement in ministries that involved my parents so that I could develop naturally. I supposed Samuel felt the same too. This assumption made me believe that he may not be the right person that I was looking for. But a voice in me said: "Why not give him a try?"

So I did. It was a hot afternoon when both of us sat down for a meal outside the campus and after I had shared with him what I wanted to do, I asked him: "So, what do you think? Do you want to come on board? Or do you want to give yourself some time to think and pray first?" He answered: "Hmm… I think I need to pray." So I gave him three days to seriously pray and consider. Before I left, the Holy Spirit just prompted me to say to Samuel, "Look, Samuel, I want you to know I am challenging you to join us not because you are the son of a staff of Campus Crusade, but because you are a student in this university, and I believe God has a purpose for putting you in this campus." That parting word obviously got his attention as I could see a glance of surprise in his eyes.


God works in hearts of men

After three days, I called Samuel and was greeted by an excited voice from the other side of the phone: "Yes Daniel, I want to do this!" Surprised and curious, and just to make sure he knew what he was getting into, I asked him what made him want to join the movement. "God spoke to me on Sunday through the pastor's sermon. God wants me to be a blessing to the people around me, especially people in my campus. I felt challenged, but God further confirmed that by allowing me to see something." "What did you see?" I asked. "You know what, after I walked out of the church, I saw a group that belongs to a religious cult eagerly sharing their "gospel" to whoever was walking past them, right outside my campus. And I questioned myself: Why do I need to consider anymore when people with the false gospel are busy sharing with my fellow students in the campus, when I know I have the Truth? So, it's a yes, a definite yes from me!"


A lesson learnt

After I ended the call, I confessed to God that I will never let any preconceived impression stand in the way of His work! I can't afford to bypass anymore "Samuels" because of my prejudices! Today, Samuel is still very faithfully leading the disciple-making movement in his campus. He has been sharing Christ with his friends and has even led one of them to Christ. And God is bringing like-minded people to work with him in the campus; we have just been blessed with another four committed students from the campus. He is very eager to see his campus transformed by the truth of God. May we all too avail ourselves to be God's channel of blessing to the people around us wherever He may have placed us.


by Daniel Lim Sze Hau. He serves with MCCC's Catalytic Ministry.








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