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A Life of 1000 Points

(Chinese Version)


Looking for a way to connect with today's generation?


Check out this new comic booklet entitled A Life of 1000 Points which will be released end of this year.


Every time a credit card is swiped, the user earns points that he can later redeem for rewards. 6000 points may be able to redeem a tennis racket; 19000 points, a non-stick pan; 25000 points, blood glucose monitor; 91000 points, a MP3 player; 208000 points, a Panasonic washing machine. Can 1000 points redeem a ticket to heaven? Is it that easy?


The story of A Life of 1000 Points focuses on a rich man who failed to amass the required 1000 points to make it into heaven though he did many good deeds while he was alive. This booklet comes complete with a simple prayer to receive Christ personally by faith, showing that Jesus is the only way to Heaven.


  • A compelling story that does not sound preachy.
  • Excellent artwork that captures the emotions.
  • 28 pages, in full color.
  • A6 size (105 x 148 mm).
  • Available in English, Chinese and Malay.


Stephen Wong: One of the greatest tool for children. My children used it and her friends have to fight for it

George Ha: It's a very good evangelistic tool!!

Latest Information

Ordering Details:

  • Order by packs of 10.
  • RM25 per pack of 10 booklets, plus 1 free booklet per pack.
  • Approximate weight of 1 pack (11 booklets) is 250g.
  • Check Postage required, refer to Surface Parcel Rate table (PDF).
  • For Sabah and Sarawak, refer to Air Parcel Rate table (PDF).
  • Include minimum Handling Charges of RM2.50 (10 percent of postage fee if order is above 50 packs).
  • Order can only be confirmed on payment.
  • Download Order Form (PDF).




Comic Cover


8-page Sample Previews


English booklet

Chinese booklet

BM booklet




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