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Life Journey of an Influencer


"Sometimes I couldnít hold back my anger and I lashed out at my staff in the office." A disciple working in the marketplace shared his struggle after hearing my talk on how Christians could be influencers. I told him, "In fact, your staff will not demand you to be perfect, but if you realized later that you have been wrong and you apologize to them, in that way you would have made an impact in their lives."


Often times, in our subconscious mind, we think of a spirit-filled Christian as someone with a halo above his head, clad in white clothes with a glowing face. Yet in reality, we are just ordinary people in flesh and blood. We are capable of making mistakes, at times we fail, get discouraged and become weak. However, through Godís enabling, if we would admit our fault when we are wrong and are willing to improve, we can stand up again when we have fallen. We can have hope in the midst of discouragement, and be victorious despite our weaknesses. Then we will be able to influence the people around us as we testify to Godís work in our lives.


Sometime last December, I was physically tired and my temper was running short. I raised my voice and scolded my children when they misbehaved. My eldest daughter asked, "Daddy why did you talk to us so loudly?" "Because daddy is very tired and angry," I replied. She then responded, "Well, you told us not to raise our voice even when we are angry, didnít you?" As a matter of fact, I did teach them to speak in gentleness in dealing with sibling rivalry. No one should raise her voice in spite of her anger. There and then I felt so ashamed of myself and told her, "Daddy was wrong, Iím sorry."


We do not have to act as if we are perfect Christians, but we must be real in our life journey.


My second daughter En Yun is in Standard One this year. Two days before school started, we held a celebration night for her. My wife prepared En Yunís favourite sausages for dinner that night. After the meal, we told her to put on her school uniform.


Next we took out our photo album and went through those pictures showing each year of her life. Then we took turns to share what we appreciate about her. Finally, we gathered around her and prayed for her to have a wonderful time of learning and growing in the Lord. Lastly we celebrated with a packet of potato chips and rice biscuits. One week later, she asked me, "Why did you want to celebrate for me?" I believe what we did for her made a lasting impression on her, and it remains a beautiful memory marker.


It is only this year that we are learning to be intentional in making lasting impressions in our childrenís life. We did not have a celebration party when our eldest girl started Standard One. You see, we love her the same but we failed to leave in her any pleasant memory because we failed to plan intentionally. Similarly, being an influencer, we may love the Lord and our family and friends, yet we will still remain where we are after many years if we fail to intentionally make plans to reach out as well as carry out those plans.


We must be intentional in making plans to grow and to influence others in this life journey.


We hope to build a generation of influencers for Christ through a wholistic "Life Mentoring System". We are imperfect beings; we cannot assume that we are able to overcome everything on our own. We need a mentor to encourage us as well as to be accountable to. In turn, we too can become mentors to other influencers through our encouragement and their accountability to us. Let us continue to grow each year and put our plans into action. Though life is full of challenges, let us not give up growing towards being an influencer for Christ who pleases God.


We need to be accountable to one or two persons so that we can grow intentionally.


Let us begin to pray that God will give us one or two persons with whom we can be mutually encouraged and be accountable to. Together let us move on with anticipation in this life journey.





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