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Life Ministry of an Influencer


A well-paid job after graduation, John is indeed blessed. Being a devout Christian, he began serving in the church choir, Youth fellowship as well as Sunday School. Within two short years, he was elected as deacon. To John, work is just to earn a living. However, he soon felt torn between work, family and church ministry. His job requires long working hours, his family needs his time, and his church involvement takes up a few hours a week. What John longs for is a reduced workload so that he has more time to serve God.


I believe that we may sometimes share his feeling, " I serve God part-time. Therefore, I can only use my free time (apart from my job and family time) for church involvement." Why does God allow two-thirds of our waking hours for work or studies? His purpose for work is not that we will find security in it, but through the influence that we have in and through our work, we can help to fulfill the Great Commission.


All of us are full-time Christians. The Bible says that we are a chosen race, a royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9). Indeed God has given us the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18). Let us respond to Him and His calling. He equips us through our profession as well as through our experience. Our career or business is a platform for ministry. Our colleagues, neighbours, relatives and friends are the mission field given by God.


If you are a teacher, then your school is the mission field God has given to you. If you are an employer or employee, then your company and clients are your mission field. If you are a student, then your fellow students are your mission field. If you are a homemaker, then your neighbours, friends and relatives are your mission field.


Our prayer is that God will raise up groups of full-time Christians—Influencers for Christ (IfC)--throughout Malaysia who will be His light and salt in the mission field that God has prepared for them. May the Lord raise up:


Influencers in every office,
every school, every campus,
and every residential area.


Are you willing to be an Influencer for Christ?


You may say, " Yes, I am willing. But where do I go from here?" As long as you are willing, I believe that God will lead you through His way. I suggest that you begin by praying, caring and sharing.



beseech Him to show you how to begin making an impact in your mission field.

ask the Lord to raise up more believers who share your vision.

pray for the believers as well as non-believers you are in contact with.

be a good testimony.



take the initiative to establish friendships.

look out for ways to show them your concern.



watch out for opportunities and be ready to share God's work in your life.

regularly invite them to your cell group or church gathering.


Campus Crusade for Christ is more than willing to share with you some resources and training that can help you to become an effective IfC. You are welcome to contact our respective ministry coordinators if you are interested to be an influencer for Christ.






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