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Life Purpose of an Influencer


What is your purpose in life?


If you were to ask me this question when I first entered university, my honest reply would be, "Iím not sure. In fact I have never given much thought to it. Maybe my purpose in life is to be able to get a degree as soon as possible. Next would be getting the 5Cs, that is, career, cash, credit card, car and condominium. Apart from that, I will of course serve in the church if I could spare some time."


However, after working for 2 years, I realized that every year is simply a repetition of the previous year. One question came to my mind, "When my last moment comes, would I regret how I have been living my life?" My immediate decision was to invest my life in a more meaningful way.


Well, is there anything wrong with the 5Cs mentioned earlier? No, as someone has said, though money cannot get everything done, yet without money nothing can be done. However, pursuing the 5Cs should not be our ultimate life purpose. By now I have graduated from the university for 14 years; my friends and I are in our early forties. Our recent conversation revealed that after having all the 5Cs, our life goal no longer centres on Ďsuccessí but Ďsignificanceí. "What am I living for? What is next? What is it be like to have a meaningful life? How can I have a positive influence?"


An Influencer for Christ (IFC) seeks to live a life that is characterised by a right purpose. God certainly had a purpose in mind when He placed each of us in this world. Indeed a life that is lived according to Godís purpose is an authentic life. Matthew 16:25 says, "For whoever wishes to save His life shall lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake shall find it." And Jesus also talked about dying to self in verse 24. It means we do not live according to our own purpose but Godís purpose.


An IFC is certain that his purpose in life is to glorify God (Isa. 43:7, 1 Cor.6:20, 10:31). How do we glorify Him? The Word reveals that Godís desire for us is to:

Know Him and love Him.

Grow in character: to be more like Christ.

Serve others through our gifts and talents.

Make known the good news to others.


Now, you may say, "This sounds spiritual. Does that have anything to do with my daily life? Yes, certainly. If we look back upon our lives, we will notice that:


We come to know God in a deeper way through trials and heart-breaking failures; our experience with God is no longer "I have heard of Thee but my eye sees Thee." These often take place in the valleys.

We learn to be more like Christ in the process of handling relationship problems, be it in our family life, working environment or social interactions.

We are able to serve others in our office and daily life through our God-given gifts and talents.

We can be His salt and light by sharing His good news through our words and life testimony.


When your purpose in life is right, you can then go on to seek the Lord for a clearer vision (changes you hope to see in your personal life, family, career, social relationships, your community and the world as a result of your existence) and mission (the things that God calls you to accomplish in this life), and then establish the goal and scope of your mission. A person who lives such a life will certainly make a lasting impact and be a blessing unto the nations.


How would you live your life? Would you:

spend your life?

waste your life?

invest your life?


I urge you to invest your life in making a positive impact and in blessing many more others.

To be an IFC, let us begin with setting a life purpose that is after Godís own heart.




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