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Of the world’s 6 billion people, one third are Christians. In Malaysia, it is estimated that one out of every ten persons is a Christian. Yet, why are we not seeing the influence that Christians should have in our society? Why is it that Christians today do not have the ability to turn the world right side up? (Acts 17:6).


I believe that the main reason is that many Christians suffer somewhat from "spiritual schizophrenia".


When I was in my fourth year of Pharmacy, some of my coursemates and I were assigned to visit a psychiatric ward to observe patients of various mental illnesses and their medical treatments. My group interviewed a lady patient. When we first approached her, she told us that she was a princess, and her father a general in China. Then she related to us the glorious story of her father. Halfway through the story, she suddenly claimed that she was a famous nightclub singer. Soon, she climbed on a table and belted out an old Chinese pop song. Such an illness is called schizophrenia.


Today, many Christians suffer somewhat from "spiritual schizophrenia". Our lives have become compartmentalized--our work separated from our faith, and our Sundays detached from other days.


On Sundays, we sing, "Jesus is Lord, He is the King"; on other days, "I am the king".

On Sundays, we sing, "I will live for Jesus’; on other days, "I will live for television".

On Sundays, we sing, "Jesus, I love You, I’ll do anything for You"; on other days, "Money, I love you, I’ll do anything for you".

On Sundays, "Peace be with you"; on other days, "War with our spouses".

On Sundays, "I want to be a witness for God"; on other days, we are afraid to admit that we are Christians.

On Sundays, "I want to change the world"; on other days, "The world has changed me".


May I introduce you to a prescription-–WWJD (What Would Jesus Do). Please take it as and when the need arises!


We should ask ourselves every day, "What would Jesus do in this situation? What would Jesus want me to do?" When we remind ourselves with such questions, we are indeed learning to let Christ be our Lord and through the power of the Holy Spirit, obey Jesus in what He wants us to do.


Having applied the WWJD, we would know the changes necessary on our part when:

we have done something unrighteous for selfish gain,

we have hurt our spouses,

we have neglected our children,

we have relationship problems,

we have been self-centred,

we are greedy and want to gain the whole world,

we are being judgmental,

we are lazy,

we have spent too much time watching TV,

we are in the midst of trials,

we are being tempted,

we are self-righteous, or

our colleagues are in need.


Let’s learn to walk with God moment by moment, to pray without ceasing (communicate with God), to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, to die to self and be alive to God. As a result, we will be more and more like Christ. And the people around us will praise our Father in heaven as they see our good works and our light shine before men (Matt. 5:16).


While on a flight from Lawas to Limbang, Sarawak, a fellow passenger told me that he believed in Christ because of the influence of a group of natives. Wearing a thick beard, Mr. Wong looked serious. Initially, I hesitated if I should share the gospel with him. Then I decided to get to know him.


Mr. Wong grew up in a family that believes in folk religion. However, he himself did not believe in any religion. In 1997, a native pastor came to his hardware shop in Lawas. He needed about RM 30,000 worth of building materials to expand his church. But the church could only pay him back by installments—a down payment of RM1,000, and monthly payments of RM500 to RM1,000. Mr. Wong said, "Normally if a company wants to owe us RM 5,000, we would have to check their account first. But it was different that time; I felt at ease to sell them the materials." The church kept its promise. Knowing that he could trust the church and the pastor, whenever Mr. Wong faced with a problem, he took the initiative to share it with the pastor. Mr. Wong accepted Jesus over time.


At that moment, I thought, how risky! If that pastor had not kept his promise, Mr. Wong would not have received Christ. When the church and the pastor applied their faith into their lives, they became light and salt. As a result, others not only heard the gospel, they also saw the gospel.


Influencers for Christ integrate their faith into their lives. Let us take WWJD every moment! What does Jesus want you to do in your situation now?





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