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Campus students have been on the cutting edge of change throughout history. They are always in the vanguard of revolution. Karl Marx of Bonn University brought misery to millions of people with his communist ideology, but Count Nicholas von Zinzendorf of Wittenberg University brought hope to millions as he took Christ's message to them. Campus students have the potential to shape the world. They will be leaders in government, media, education, business, religion and the worldwide Christian movement.

Our Purpose:

To raise influencers for Christ (IfCs) in college campuses in order to help fulfill the Great Commission.


Our Mission:

To turn lost campus students into lifetime Christ-centered influencers for Christ. We seek to bless both Christian and non-Christian students by encouraging them to live a healthy (physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual) and purposeful life. We will share the good news, build them up to become disciples of Christ and send them out to be lifetime IfCs.


Our Vision:

One faculty, one Student-led Movement.





Camp at Port Dickson
Having a meal together

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