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Reaching influential centers


"Three out of every four people will live in cities by the year 2010. These centers of influence will shape much of the rest of the world economically, politically, socially, educationally and spiritually. What is done in the large, strategic cities of the world will to a large extent determine our success in proclaiming Christ to the world." (International Community Ministry Consultation, Macau, 1997)


Leader-led Movement is about reaching the Influential Centres of the world. For Malaysia, this means primarily the 5 major hub-cities (Georgetown, Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu which accounts for more than half the population).

Twin Tower


Leader-led Movement began in 1996. By 1997, there were attempts to build bridges with the corporate sector through "Life! An Evening to Remember" pre-evangelistic dinner seminars. Also, the CareerNet Ministry began as a means to network Christian professionals who are keen to reach the marketplace. Today it has evolved to become Impact! Ministries which aims to see every Christian in the marketplace becoming an influencer in their office -- hence the maxim "One Office, One Influencer". Today we have Impact Groups in various corporations which help Christians address issues in the marketplace from a Biblical perspective. This will help them to become instruments in bringing about the reality of their colleagues coming to know our Saviour. 


By 1998, FamilyLife Ministry began. FamilyLife aims to serve as a catalyst in motivating and equipping families nationwide to win one home at a time for Jesus Christ and be used by Him in a Family Reformation. Today, we partner with churches to run Marriage and Parenting Seminars, and to help set up HomeBuilders small groups to strengthen the foundations of the smallest unit in any society, the influencing marriage.


Freedom Ministry, a ministry associated with Freedom in Christ Ministries, brings the truth of our identity in Christ to believers who are struggling with strongholds and uncertainties in their relationship with Christ. Begun officially with Dr. Neil Anderson's visit to Malaysia in 1998, today many believers around the country learn about spiritual warfare and personal as well as corporate freedom in Christ.


Our goal for this generation is to see our cities reached for Christ. We dream of professionals blooming where they are planted and becoming the salt and light in their workplace and home. We visualize our cities aglow for Christ.






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