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Student-led movement, Leader-led movement and Youth-led movement are closely related to one another. With the rapid development of information technology, the way we share the gospel will have to catch up with this practical generation. Then only will we be able to go to the masses and introduce Jesus Christ to them. To attract attention, and strike a chord with the society at large, we wrote and released a variety of gospel tracts; eg. the "Titanic", "Eternal Life" and "Who is Jesus" during the NewLife 2000 gospel saturation campaign. The tracts were well received and until now are still not forgotten.

We put a lot of thinking into presenting the gospel with a new look. Our ultimate purpose is to tell the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our main purpose and our content will never changed: to exalt the Son of God, Jesus Christ as the head.


There are four main ministries in the Youth-led Movement: 


Through providing training, evangelistic materials, JESUS film, etc., these four ministries work in partnership with local churches. The staff of Youth-led Movement are located in the Klang Valley, Kuching and Johor Bahru. With strategic planning, and the training of more staff and volunteers, we hope to fulfil the Great Commission through a variety of ways.




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True Love Waits
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