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Engaging and enriching youth today is at the heart of i-youth ministry. Youths not only represent the future leaders and parents of our nation and world, they are also a major influence in today’s society. Seldom will a day go by that teenagers are not the focus of national and worldwide news, both for good and bad. We work with students because they represent the most responsive age group to the gospel. Over 80% of those who receive Christ do so by age 18.


As youth are bombarded with many ‘don’ts’, they have a need to release all their pent-up energy. I-youth seeks to provide them with alternatives whereby they can channel their energy to contribute positively to the community that they live in.



Survivor Camp -- energies are spend in creative ways to build leadership qualities, team-spirit and other EQ factors.


Leadership and Motivational Camp-- participants will be exposed to new strategic ways of learning how to lead themselves well, before leading others. The "know how" to better equip and ready themselves for maximum learning.


Living Out-- youth are challenged to help others who are less fortunate and in so doing, cultivate a heart of compassion and responsibility for the community that they live in.


Matters of the Heart -- seminars where youth are challenged to consider heart issues like True Love Waits--abstinence from pre-marital sex.


Our mission ultimately is to give every young person an opportunity to hear the truth and love of Jesus Christ, to grow in their faith relationship with Him, and to reach others with the message of Christ. 


Maximising Teaching Method (MTM) Seminar -- We seek to work with teachers as they are the ones who have a great influence on the lives of young people. By enriching teachers, we enrich students. By making a difference in teachers' lives, we impact the lives of student too!



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Anti-Ecstasy Talk Show for Schools (March 2007)

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I Care Kuching

i-Youth organized the I Care Kuching community project in March 2004, which had 108 volunteers helping out at an old folks’ home and a center for children with learning disabilities. They also provided free tuition for schoolchildren and collected newspapers for recycling. 


i-youth believes that in helping others, young people can discover meaning and purpose in life. They can contribute to society by adding value to their community, school and home.


i-youth encourages youths aged 24 and below to join as volunteers.


Besides community service, i-youth also gives  talks like:


  • True Love Waits
  • Maximising Study Method
  • Communicating With Teenagers

For further information, contact:

Richard Koh