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The JESUS Film Project distributes the film "JESUS", a two-hour docudrama about the life of Christ based on the Gospel of Luke. The "JESUS" film is the most widely seen film and the most widely translated film in world history (871 languages).  


Our goal is to reach every nation, tribe, people and tongue, helping them see and hear the story of Jesus in a language they can understand. So whether a person speaks Swahili, French, or a language whose name is extremely difficult for most to pronounce, he or she will encounter the life and message of Jesus in a language "of the heart."


Many mission experts have acclaimed the "JESUS" film as one of the greatest evangelistic success stories of all time. The ultimate success of this project won't be measured by how many people have already seen it, but by how many will follow Him after seeing this film.


Through use by The JESUS Film Project, and more than 1,500 Christian agencies, this powerful film has had more than 5 billion viewings worldwide since 1979. As a result, more than 197 million people have indicated decisions to accept Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.


Story of Jesus for Children


The Story of Jesus for Children

"The Story of Jesus for Children" is a VCD which will give every child a chance to see and hear the gospel of Jesus in a way he/she can understand (see our Languages page for current list). The Story of Jesus for Children currently has more than 70 languages video-streamed. Watch and wonder with Caleb, Joel, Nathan and Benjamin, and find out who Jesus really is. Watch it online now!


This VCD entertains, educates, and introduces children to the life of Jesus of Nazareth, giving them a chance to see and hear the whole story of Jesus at once! The VCD answers questions in clear and concrete terms, provides fast action, and ends with an invitation by a child to children, to choose to invite Jesus into their lives. Children of all ages will enjoy this captivating retelling of the true story of Jesus from a child's perspective. 


"The Story of Jesus for Children" provides a solution to the challenge of teaching children the truth about God and His Son Jesus. This VCD uses 40 minutes of the original JESUS film and integrates into the drama 22 minutes of new footage with children who might have lived in A.D.30. 




Celebrating 25 Years of Significant Impact

25 Year Timeline (Flash presentation)

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