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Made an evening trip to Kuala Lumpur Tower before?

A quick scan of Kuala Lumpur and eastern side of Petaling Jaya from the observation deck would tell us key buildings and predominant influences in each sector of the city. You could recognize some building by their lights, some landmarks by the unique arrangements of their lights, some key highways and byways from the glow of the sodium lights and of course the neon light. All this shaped the mood and atmosphere of the twilight and what city life could be like.

Imagine each of those lights were believers who are influencers for Christ? What if each of those lights represented Christian individuals who work in corporate offices who made it a priority to let their light so shine before others? Imagine what would it be like if such faithful influencers of Christ exist in every offices? One office – one influencer?

Jerry White once said, “The presence of one Christian can change the language in an office, restrain others from sin, influence decisions for honesty, and change the character of a neighborhood of town.” D.L. Moody observed, “If we reach the cities, we reach the nation. If we fail in the cities, they will become a cesspool that will infest the entire nation.” D.L Moody was accurate in his observation. Statistic reports that by the year 2010, 80 % of the world population would concentrate in the cities – which imply that the fulfillment of the Great Commission has to take place in the cities.

Impact! Ministries, is a movement that presses toward seeing – One Office, One Influencer a reality by 2010. The end goal is not so much of having an influencer in every office but rather the fulfillment of the Great Commissions in every office or department, a result of godly influence exercised by such Christians. To turn the vision into reality, Impact! Ministries is engaging a three-prong strategy.


  • Equip Christian working professional to be influencers for Christ through "Impact Groups". This is a "prayer cum discipleship" group, which meets fortnightly over office lunch break that works toward training and equipping working professional in four areas:
    • Intimate walk with the Lord
    • Excellence in their work
    • Practice healthy and edifying relationship
    • Work toward a multiplying ministry (Evangelism and discipleship)
  • Provide training on effective evangelism in the marketplace. The module includes: Understanding the mind of the unbelievers, tell it well (evangelism) and soil cultivation (Cultivating the heart of unbelievers).
  • Initiate a prayer movement among churches and influencers in the marketplace.

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Mission Statement

To reach the cities for Christ through equipping influencers at the workplace, committed to impact lives and build spiritual movements that will ultimately transform every segment of society for Christ.

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